Hello Tomorrow Korea x Asian Leadership Conference 2017

From Monday July 3rd 2017 to Tuesday July 4th 2017
Hello Tomorrow Korea (HTK) has partnered with the Asian Leadership Conference for its Inaugural launch. Themed ‘Convergence of Technologies’, HTK forms part of a series of Hello Tomorrow events worldwide. This 2017, we aim to explore interdisciplinary convergence within the areas of IoT, VR, AR, HI, AI, NanoTech, Robotics, Health-Tech, Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Technologies. As part of a global non-profit initiative run by science-entrepreneurs for science-entrepreneurs, we are committed to identifying and empowering science entrepreneurs, with the goal of accelerating the transformation of scientific inventions into game-changing solutions for a better world. To achieve this, we gather highly-skilled and influential change-makers and enablers from the scientific, industrial, economic, and political sectors who share the same ambition to find innovative solutions to the most pressing issues and together, build tomorrow.
Venue Location
177 Wakerhill-ro, Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu,, Seoul, Seoul 04963