How to make the most of the event app
Our main mission is to ensure that you make valuable encounters during an event.
Instead of meaningless contacts, we'd rather have you make quality connections that will benefit you and your business.

Thanks to our algorithm, you'll discover the most relevant attendees based on your profile and your interests. This will help you connect and chat with people you'd like to meet during the event.

Following up on those connections will also be much easier. You'll able to export all your new contacts to your phone, CRM, or to an excel sheet.

Swapcard is an indispensable and informative networking tool. Please make sure to download the event app so you can use it before, during, and after an event.

Make meaningful connections

Networking requires preparation! Before the event, discover who is attending and who you should meet.

Connect and chat with them to make sure you meet during the event.

Turn encounters into opportunities

When you meet attendees, make sure you save their contact details. All in one tap, you'll be able to scan their QR codes or business cards to save their complete profiles.

Add notes and tags to contextualize your meetings and save useful information. This will make following up so much easier. No more lost opportunities!

Discover the full program and plan your visit

You will be able to access the full event program as well information on all of the speakers. Plan your visit and receive a reminder before each session to make sur you don't miss anything.

You will also be able to interact with attendees who have registered for the same sessions. You probably have shared interests, you should connect with them!

Finally a user-friendly event app
Contact us at if you need any help
You'll be notified by email when you will are given access to the event on Swapcard.
Complete your profile and your interests to get the most accurate selection of relevant attendees.
Simply use the same email that you used to register for the event and create a password. No need to create an account!
Discover who's attending, and start networking!